55 minutes | Mar 16, 2016

Employee yesterday. Manager today. Now What!

Friday…you clocked out as an employee. Monday…you walked in as a manager. You didn’t change over the weekend but other’s perceptions of you did. Your role changed. Your relationships changed. br Here’s a short list of common perception roadblocks new managers face… br The REST EASY perspective: I’m glad she got the position because we’re friends and friends help friends! br The RESENTFUL perspective: You got the job I applied for. Now I have to work for you. You’ll have to prove you’re the better pick! br The DEFIANT perspective: You were the one doing it last week, now you’re telling me what to do. I don’t think so! br The RESIGNED perspective: Here we go again. Another manager here to rally the troops. I’ll just ride it out! br Join Lori Moss and her guest, Kim Morse, as they demonstrate examples of how to bust through the perception barriers and earn the respect of your employees, sooner than later!
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