38 minutes | Sep 12th 2018

010: Selling Your Byproducts | Nathaniel Talbott

  • Sell Your Byproducts: Sometimes you have to operate a particular business for a while to recognize that a hole that exists in the market. If you're watching for it, you may realize that the hole is more valuable than the business you're actually operating.
  • Don't be afraid of a big pivot. Spreedly started out as a subscription management service, similar to Stripe. Several years into it, they realized that what customers really wanted was a way to store credit cards in a PCI-compliant payment vault. They eventually decided to sell the subscription product, which had until then been their bread and butter.
  • What are your customers telling you?  Your customers are talking to you; listen to what they have to say. It's tempting, especially for startup founders, to double down on what we perceive is the problem that needs to be solved. Instead, open up to the idea that you may be wrong, or that there may be something that you haven't thought of yet.
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