59 minutes | Mar 19, 2020

Zack Howard- Big Wave Hellman & The Early Days of Pro Longboarding.

In early March of 2020 my wife had a work related conference in Maui, Hawaii. Upon knowing this my mind immediately went into brainstorm mode! Who lives in Maui that would be a great interviewee? My friend Puna Moeller from Big Island, Hawaii suggested Zack Howard aside from other suggestions he gave me. I also had friends in the mainland suggesting that I meet up with other local longboarders. For example, Mike Siordia and others suggested Johnny Pitzer and other IG friends suggested other names including Mau Ahhee and Kelly from Manuela Shapes and others. I was quite surprised with the size and the history of longboarding within the Maui community.Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was only able to get one interview. BUT ITS A GOODIE! The 90's/2000's  period is very interesting to me aside from it being so relevant to our worldwide longboarding community today. Zack Howard lived and participated during that era of longboarding. I was very excited in asking questions about the days that I had only read about few decades ago in Longboard Magazine.I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!Gracias Zack!Topics and stories discussed:His Beginnings. Rejection at the beach from Donald Takayama.Joel Tudor in the 90's.His contract with Oxbow.Drama at the 90's Longboard World Championship at Malibu.New era in competitive longboarding.Big wave riding, like REALLY big!Sponsors:Fin-JakMake life easy!Change your center fin with no tools!Find it on Pelicansurfcraft.comAsk for the tupi20 discountLeashless BrewingOrganic Beer that kicks ass!By Brewmaster John Gonzales.585 E. Thompson Blvd.Ventura, CAVentura Surf Shop88 E. Thompson Blvd.Since 1961Family owned805-643-1062
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