110 minutes | Dec 5, 2020

Matt "The Waxhead" Chojnacki- Australian Longboard Sensei

The Waxhead, as he likes to be called is a longtime longboard aficionado from Sydney, Australia. Still a young man ( in his early thirties), I had and have the impression that he speaks with the knowledge of an old surfing soul. Basically, he is one of those people that I like to call a "longboard nerd". What happens when you get 2 longboard nerds to sit down and talk longboarding? A heavy, deep and entertaining interview!Matt is a professional longboarder, business owner, car restorer, event commentator and surf mentor. He has won almost a dozen Australian Longboarding Championships, he has been a Joel Tudor Vans Duct Tape Invitee 3x and is currently ranked 9th in the WSL LB TOUR. He is very involved with surfboard and fin design, collaborating and doing R&D with surfing legend of legends Bob McTavish and his son Ben McTavish.In my objective opinion, one of the world's top 10 most relevant longboard surfers today.Topics:His beginningsInfluencesWho's Who of LongboardingCompetitive LongboardingLongboard and Fin DesignSurf Etiquette & Surf HierachiesWSL LB TourListeners Questions & moreMatt "The Waxhead" Chojnacki can be reached on his personal Instagram @thewaxhead or his business IG/ Facebook account @tbbodyworks.The Longboardarian Podcast is sponsor and listener supported. If you are enjoying our content please consider a donation or purchasing some of our products. You can donate via www.ko-fi.com/longboardarian, Its super easy! Or checkout our kool products via www.longboardarian.com.See ya in da wata!
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