87 minutes | Sep 13, 2020

Belinda Baggs- Aussie Queen Of Traditional Longboarding. Ep. 10

Belinda Baggs is, in my mind, one of the first female longboard traditional stylists that I have memory of. That does not mean that she was one of the first women traditionalists in the world. Southern California had a few young ladies that had taken that route of longboard surfing before Belinda. Lady loggers like Carla Rowland (now Zamora) and Kassia Meador to name just a few. However, I am pretty confident in saying that Belinda is one of the first Aussies, male or female, to adopt traditional longboarding style and become an ambassador of it in Australia.On this episode we will learn about her first encounter with traditional longboard surfing at Surfrider Beach, Malibu. This was in the summer of 2000. She was a young lady discovering the dynamics and the culture of Californian surfing. A summer that had a profound impact in her life then and it still dictates her present.Belinda is a dedicated mother, surfer, environmentalist activist, Patagonia ambassador and still one of the finest longboard stylists in the world. Though competition is not her thing, she's won Australian Championships in longboarding and placed third in the 2000 Women's World Longboard Competition. She was the first woman to ever appear on the cover of The Surfers Journal. She's been featured in multiple surf flicks including one of my favorites Sprout. She is an important character of our longboard community and its history.Enjoy!Topics:Her Introduction To Traditional Longboarding.California Longboard Culture.Australian Longboard Culture.Australian Influences .Women Surfing.Surf Films.Listeners Questions.Environmental Activism.Surfboard Design.The Ten- Rapid Fire Segment.Shoutouts.The Longboardarian Podcast is listener supported via www.ko-fi.com/longboardarian Visit us on our website www.longboardarian.com or on our Instagram and YouTube Channel.Episode Sponsor:Matt Kolo Photography Visit him on www.mattkolo.com and/or his Instagram @mattkolo.Episode Offer!1 and a half hours of water photography for you and two others, 10 images edited for maximum sharpness and beauty. Regular price $300, NOW $150 until October 31st, 2020.
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