38 minutes | Dec 14th 2020

Ep 69 | Hint. Start shadowing your consultants. Nellie Perrin from Hinterview.

As we stumble into the final throes of 2020, we are joined by Nellie Perrin from Hinterview. One of the big topics of this year (and always will be) will be about the relationship between sales and marketing. Nellie gives us her tips and experiences as to how she has managed to get it to work across a variety of industries. We talk about balancing reactive marketing with the focus on longer-term objectives and, of course, we talk about video.

We're all a bit more confident have been 'forced' to embrace the medium over the course of this year but it's here to stay and it is a key marketing tool for individuals and businesses. Go on, give it a listen.

Clink of mulled wine glasses to our friends at Paiger for their support as always.

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