43 minutes | Nov 15th 2020

Ep 67 | Hungry hungry hippos. Amanda Davies from Green Umbrella Marketing.

Have you ever been involved in an acquisition of your recruitment company? As a marketer, did you play a role? In this episode with Amanda Davies, we talk about how marketers can/should play a much a bigger role in these due-diligence processes and what it can do for their career.  

Amanda and Glenn also talk upon the concept of 'blankpageitis' with regards to hitting a brick wall with content and what you can do about it.

From marketing opportunities, to adapting your strategy through to managing your stress as a marketer - this is an episode with countless takeaways. We hope you enjoy.

Oh, and Amanda used to dress up as a hippo. Thanks to Paiger for the sponsoring stuff as well. Always appreciated.

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