36 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

58: Lockpicking Lawyer Controversy

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Full show notes, including links, can be found at http://www.thelocksportscast.com  In this week’s episode: The Space Safe Decoding an old suitcase First picks of Zeiss Ikon SK6 Vectorprofil Rippe Extra DEFCON Lockpick Village accepting proposals Lockpicking Lawyer controversy Loss of a beloved member of the YouTube locksport community 2 new black belt pickers New Speedlocks records Locksmith story Sales Giveaways Announcements: Podcast Awards - The People's Choice Voting opens on July 1st Corrections: Mersey 10 lever pick News: Did Electronic Inventory Online SCAM a bunch of us trying to buy discounted 5” Knipex Pliers The Space Safe - The first real smart safe Decoding an old Suitcase Community News: [47] Zeiss Ikon SK6 Vectorprofil Rippe Extra 6 Pins + 5 Sidepins Public First Picked & Gutted zIKON SK6 Vectorprofil Rippe Extra picked and gutted TOOOL Lockpick Village at DEFCON [1318] Picking My Own Car — Ford Explorer ST Ford Explorer ST Driver's Door Lock Picked In Under One Minute: Video Watch Expert Lock-Picker Break Into His Own Ford Explorer ST Watch A Lock Expert Break Into Their Ford Explorer ST In Less Than A Minute It's This Easy to Pick the Lock on a Ford Explorer Expert Shows How To Break Into A Ford Explorer In Less Than A Minute Using A Tool Available Online Watch A Lock Expert Break Into Their Ford Explorer ST In Less Than A Minute #1556 Sad Announcement Rainbow Bridge in Memory of Suki Episode 118: Joshua Gonzalez Shoutout Rick's Picking Journey – From Injury to Youtube (Part 2) About Impressioning Handles; DIY « Toool's Blackbag Any of my locksmith friends ever see a tail piece like this #377 How to duplicate a paracentric key with the Lishi key cutter (42) How to make an Abloy Classic Cutaway Spool Pin Counter-Rotation FULLY EXPOSED!  Meetups: LPU Karate Belts: beltranking - lockpicking (reddit.com)  Mentorship Monday 3: The Belt System  2: Breaking Rules and Getting the Belt  All About The Lockpicking Belt Rankings System  Products: Resources: Main Topic: Locksmith Story: Senior scams becoming more invasive, relying on fear and greed  Criminals: Sales: https://www.southord.com/ 25% off. code FREEDOM21good thru 7/25 https://www.3dlocksport.com/ 10% off. CODE: LSCAST10 https://makolocks.com/ 15% off with code BUYMAKO Unknown exp https://uklockpickers.co.uk/ 10% off with code GIFT Giveaways and Contests: ZimZima Deadlocks Passaround box goes to France! Feesje Giveaway celebration #miniMeGaw  kraKen [50] July Giveaway #krakenjuly21  Jon Lock 100 Subscribers Celebration Giv3away! #JonLock100 RoonPicker Channel Update and Giveaway Announcement!  Panda-Frog (ENG-191) Lockpicking - Giveaway drawing #PandaFrog21May and Rulez for the #PandaFrog21Jun Giveaway CLK Supplies Introducing #Lockboss Free Giveaway! 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