37 minutes | Mar 21, 2019

Leadership Defined in Three Words - A Conversation with Dr. Denny Roberts

Leadership can be defined in 3 words and summarized in 3 actions? Why yes it can! In this episode of the Liz Bapasola Podcast, Dr. Liz Bapasola speaks with Dr. Denny Roberts, Founder and CEO of New Directions in Education and author of the book Deeper Learning in Leadership, published in 2007 by Jossey-Bass. Take a listen to all the insights shared by this highly-acclaimed and sought-after international leadership educator and consultant and one of Dr. Liz Bapasola's most impactful mentors.More about Denny can be found here:https://pursuingleadership.blogspot.com/https://www.linkedin.com/in/denny-roberts-0b97933/Support the show (https://lizbapasola.com/)
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