30 minutes | Apr 18, 2019

Getting Back on Track If You're a Co-Dependent or Struggling with an Addiction - A Holistic Wellness Interview with Carol Feldman

Struggling with co-dependency or an addicted behavior to fill a void in your life? Not sure, but a bit curious what that might mean for you? In this episode of the Liz Bapasola Podcast, Dr. Liz Bapasola interviews Carol Feldman, a licensed clinical social worker and addiction specialist on the important topic of self-care to support your holistic wellness.Carol shares her deeply personal story regarding why she chose her professional path and the impact of healing your Emotional Health makes in your life and the lives of others.More about Carol Feldman can be found here:cjfeldman@comcast.nethttp://shineandinspire.orgSupport the show (https://lizbapasola.com/)
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