26 minutes | Mar 21, 2019

"A Holistically Healthier You" with Supermodel Nutritionist Rebecca Baer

Holistic Wellness is one of the most important ways to help you Be Better Than Before and Reach Your Full Potential. This episode of the Liz Bapasola Podcast, Dr. Liz Bapasola will speak with Rebecca Baer, Founder and CEO of Baer Nutrition, about how to eat and live holistically Better Than Before. She's a certified nutritionist (boasting famous clients, such as supermodel Molly Sims), and a fantastic cook as well, eating only the most nutritious foods for her body and soul.In this episode of the Liz Bapasola Podcast, Rebecca shares her coveted diet secrets to a lean and beautifully healthy body (inside and out) and discusses how to break through the vicious cycle of emotional eating.You can contact Rebecca at rbaer1@gmail.com or follow her on Instagram!Support the show (https://lizbapasola.com/)
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