29 minutes | May 27th 2019

#1: Liana Werner-Gray on Persevering Through Tragedy

"I packed my bags from Australia and went to Los Angeles with $200 in my pocket. I didn't know anyone but just knew it would work out." -- Liana Werner-Gray Liana Werner-Gray (@theearthdiet) is a very close friend and is also one of the strongest people I know. She also happens to take incredibly good care of me (i.e., feeds me) at the biggest organic trade shows, Expo West and Expo East! :-) In the very first episode of The Living Maxwell Podcast, I interview Liana Werner-Gray, #1 best-selling author of three books (The Earth Diet, 10-Minute Recipes and Cancer-Free with Food) and an in-demand nutrition coach. As with many people who find their way into the wellness world, Liana was faced with a very, very serious health condition in her teens and made the courageous decision to deal with it in a natural and holistic way -- against the wishes of conventional doctors. But what I found to be even more inspirational about Liana is how she dealt with a tragic family incident at age 17, something that would have scarred most people for a lifetime. Instead, this tragedy helped shape Liana and gave her the strength to become the person she is today. We also discuss Liana's upbringing in the outback of Australia where she was influenced by the Aboriginal people, how she made her way to the U.S., with only $200 in her pocket, and her journey from starting The Earth Diet blog to landing a publishing deal with Hay House, from where she ended up delivering three #1 best-selling books. This episode is brought to you by my friends at Intellipure. One of the least discussed but most dangerous threats to our health is ultrafine particles. These are the particles lurking in our homes but are not visible to the human eye. Unfortunately, they are also linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke. In my opinion, there is no better air machine on the market to deal with ultrafine particles than the Intellipure, and I have been using this company's products years before I started writing about the organic food industry. Living Maxwell readers can get 10% off an Intellipure -- with a 30-day, money-back guarantee -- by using the code LIVINGMAXWELL at checkout. You can find the show notes and links to all of the products, books and resources mentioned in the episode here.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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