51 minutes | Jul 23, 2020

TLL 10|Love Languages and Entanglements

Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, and August Alsina had the world going crazy with their "entanglement" talks and we jumped in. The dialogue had us having our own little chat on our current relationship status, if we could be entangled, what healthy relationships look like to us, and hall passes. Turns out we all can be a little toxic. Can you guess which of the pair is known to do a pop up every now and then? What about which one showed her crazy BEFORE the relationship began? Arielle Donce' and Brittiany Cierra then discuss the road to healthy relationships and take a love language quiz. If nothing else, our past entanglements show us what and who we want to be in relationships. Listen now before we delete for exposing all of our secrets.
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