47 minutes | Jun 11, 2019

Dr. Dean Ornish on the Philosophy and Steps to Lasting Health and Fulfillment

This episode is one of my favorites I've ever done. Dr. Dean Ornish (Ornish.com) has authored 7 nationally best-selling books, and his 2019 book UnDo It! (written with his wife Anne) is a masterpiece that has followed suit.   He's been the doctor to presidents and the public; and his treatments have healed millions. His Ornish Diet has ranked as the healthiest diet for eight straight years by U.S. News.   Our conversation starts off with a surprise and goes deep from there. Here's a sampling of what you'll hear: -- Dr. Ornish's origin story: How he planned to kill himself as a "failed" student, what changed his life, and how he came to talk openly about it. -- The definitive science of what causes more than 80% of the nation's chronic diseases. -- How a plant-based diet provides abundant protein and the best nutrients to heal Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and more. -- How his meditation fueled him to change medicine. -- Why the world's most famous heart surgeon -- at age 99 -- called to thank him. -- And Much more...   Thanks for listening...
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