15 minutes | Dec 14th 2018

Setting Strong Goals For 2019

To set strong goals for 2019, I want to offer you a series of questions. They are introspective, and you’ll need to spend some time thinking and then writing the answers down. So for this episode, you’ll need to have a sheet of paper, a pen and a quiet space to work. I want you to take this opportunity to really take stock of your life, get connected with your values, get focussed on your goals and create a plan to achieve them. Step 1: Make your “I Have Done” list for 2018. Include your accomplishments and the things that you feel best about having done. Remember they don’t need to be typical goals. Step 2: Using the above accomplishments this year as a guide please write down your top values. Step 3: Rank your top five values in order of importance to you. Step 4: What does expressing these five values look like on a daily basis? Brainstorm your values in action. Step 5: Sit down with your daily schedule and calendar and re-organise your life according to your values. Start with the first 3 months of 2019. Identify specific times every day that you will do the things that really matter most. Add those most important things to your schedule first, and build the rest of your life around them. Listen to the podcast as I take you through these steps.
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