12 minutes | Oct 11th 2018

Ep#13 Is Your Anger Serving You?

Dr Christine Blasey Ford is white, upper middle-class, married and highly educated. She was calm and demure. She was visibly shaking yet steady. She could afford the therapy that helped document her psychological past. She had a support system and the means to hire a lawyer. Yet she was not believed. Now imagine if you lack even one of these qualities. Imagine if your behaviour or your voice or your face or the life you live doesn’t perfectly match what is demanded of the ideal victim. My question my friends is what would your chances then be of being believed? I’m angry. I’m angry that victims of sexual assault are not believed. I work in the mental health space and I am angry how every single day people with mental health issues face stigma. I’m angry about gender inequality. I’m angry about gender pay gap. My list goes on. So in today’s episode, I want to talk about anger and see how this emotion can serve us.
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