21 minutes | Jul 7th 2018

Ep# 10 3 Practical Self-Care Tips That Can Change Your Life

The word self-care has been getting a lot of traction lately. It’s one of the latest buzzwords – we hear about it so often but very few of us actually practice it. When we hear the word self-care our minds automatically go onto images of long baths and candles, rose petals and spa treatments. It's great to make time for the long baths and massages but sometimes its really tough to get that going frequently. Like many of you, I am a working mum, I work for a Foundation, run my own coaching practice and I struggle like many working mums to find time to take care of myself. But mental and physical wellbeing is really important to me. I’m a big believer and advocate of self-care and I’ve been consciously and religiously taking care of myself. So if you want to go beyond the bubble baths and massages and really see how you can make self-care a priority in your life daily, do listen to this episode. I will to offer you 3 simple tips that can change your life. It has for me.
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