18 minutes | Feb 15th 2021

18. Paragraph Writing 101

Paragraph writing can be hard, but it can be easier! A major part of the battle is that our students just don't understand how a paragraph works. If you are ready to make that a thing of the past, today's episode is for you! I am going to share 4 components to paragraph writing that will have your students writing clear, focused paragraphs in no time! Episode highlights: A paragraph is a group of sentences that are organized around a central idea or topic A basic paragraph structure usually is comprised of 5-6 sentences: a topic sentence, 3-4 supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence 4 components of a paragraph: unity, order, coherence, and completeness Unity - a paragraph needs only one topic sentence Order - main focus on organization Coherence - main focus on the quality of writing with the use of transition words Completeness - the celebration of a well-developed paragraph and the focus is on the concluding sentence to make it complete Tip #1 - Allow students to write about what they like and know Tip #2 - Do not focus on an entire essay Tip #3 - Partner practice Tip #4 - Provide paragraph stems for student reference Connect with Megan on social media: TpT Store Instagram Blog The Literacy Dive Facebook Group If you are enjoying The Literacy Dive Podcast, please subscribe, leave a rating, and a helpful review! It is much appreciated and thank you for listening!
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