62 minutes | Dec 1st 2018

Episode 10: Matt Distefano & Jamal Jivanjee - Happy Hour with Matt & Jamal

Meg & Miranda have two heretics take a seat in the Listening Chair this week. Matt & Jamal co-host the Heretic Happy Hour with Keith Giles, but this week they are our guests - We're the ones asking the burning questions.

Exploring topics from taboo language to divorce to vocational calling, neither Matt or Jamal shy away from giving honest and occasionally hysterical answers. Jamal talks about how to "align with the why" of a persons life on earth while Matt talks about how God will put you where you belong without need for sticking to a perfectly bullet-pointed plan.

We know you're wondering, "Meg and Miranda, did you guys talk about suffering?" Yes, listener. We went there.

Matt speaks from past life experience on how listening to "actual people who are suffering" will change the way that we perceive others and God's nature. 

We hope you enjoy this longer than usual episode and check out the Heretic Happy Hour!

Matthew J. Distefano is the author of "Heretic!" and 3 other books. His blog, All Set Free, can be found on the Progressive Christian channel on Patheos. He is also a co-host of the Heretic Happy Hour podcast and lives in Chico, Ca with his wife and daughter.

Jamal Jivanjee is a graduate of Liberty University where he studied religion. Originally from the Columbus, Ohio area, Jamal now travels on a regular basis. Jamal is passionate about the church and relationships—especially as they relate to community—and enjoys encouraging others toward that end through writing, speaking, and coaching. Get your hands on his book , “Free to Love” now and his his upcoming book, “Living for a Living” will be released soon.

The Listening Chair is an outlet of the Institute for Discipleship (IFD).

This episode is sponsored by the Summit Youth Academy - a week for high school juniors and seniors to explore their faith, learn Wesleyan theology, and connect with other youth.