66 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

Sheets, giggles and creating a premium customer experience. An interview with Colin McIntosh.

Colin McIntosh is the Founder and CEO of Sheets and Giggles, a sustainable bedding brand based in Denver, CO.  The company is famous for their naturally-cooling eucalyptus lyocell sheets and comforters. Colin started Sheets and Giggles when he was laid off from his day job, and has since grown the company to an award winning company that has saved countless gallons of water in manufacturing, planted tens of thousands of trees, and popularized eucalyptus sheets across the United States.  Colin discusses why creating a socially responsible company with an unparalleled customer service experience is so important to him, and how that has helped his company thrive. After that, Lindsey shares how to talk to people who share differing political views, and how to keep the conversation open and productive when communicating with those who may not necessarily agree with you.