32 minutes | Jan 19th 2017

TLB24: How to Sell Your Brain- How to package and sell your expertise as a product or service

Is your brain for sale? That was the question i asked last week when we started talking about the Psychology of selling with Ronald Ikenna Nzimora. In today's episode, we will be taking the conversation to a higher level as Ronald will explain to us what it really means to sell your brain. After listening, you will discover: - What the major challenge is for employees - The best kind of business model that an employee can start today - How to package and sell your expertise online - How listening to the needs and concerns of your clients can lead you to starting and running your very own multi million dollar company ( The NairaBet Story) - How to make millions a month from the very first month of starting your own business - A step by step guide - There's a difference between WHAT YOU THINK your market wants and WHAT THEY REALLY WANT This feels like a course already, and I am sure you will get tons and tons of value from this. This is a series and here's the title of the other episodes TLB23: Introduction to the Psychology of Selling With Ronald Ikenna Nzimora Part 2: How to Sell Your Brain (How to package and sell your expertise as a product) Part 3: How to Identify Your Ideal Future Client (this one is so powerful that I was totally blown away!)
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