2 minutes | Nov 18th 2020

Episode 65. Filiz Beshir. CEO of Naillounge

Filiz is the founder and CEO of Naillounge Training. Having started off as a nail tech from the age of 14, it was clear Filiz wanted to be in the industry for the rest of her life, growing a business of her own. This love and passion for the industry allowed her to put in the work necessary to now own one of the most successful and well known, international training centres, Naillounge Training. Filiz has seen and qualified over 6,000 learners alone . Not only does filiz train a multiple of different skills relating to the beauty industry, Filiz also organises beauty events and runs a network marketing business. Filiz has created a business opportunity for her audience to be able to earn a second income stream across the globe which has been a huge hit in this current pandemic. One of Filiz’s biggest achievements is opening in the heart of Dubai and being a mum to her beautiful twin boys under the age of 2.
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