2 minutes | Oct 1st 2016

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 8

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 8 Welcome back. This is Casey with fitnessmarketingthatworks.com. This is day eight, it’s been a couple days since I've checked in and I was going to do that last night but I was so exhausted as I go three hours of sleep, worked the night before and then watched my kids all day. I did get a couple things done online with my other website onlinefitnessthatworks.com and I did not get anything completed with thebestoffitness.com, so hoping to get started on that tonight. I’ve been pushing my fitness Q&A's back but I have a couple days left of the week to see if I can hit my goal. I’m not really sure if I can but I'll try and make adjustments for next week. I always find different things that I think that need to be fixed, so I kind of move towards those little bit instead of working on my actual goal for the week. Hopefully after this week I can focus more on my goal for the week and get that accomplished and move on to the next one. I will talk with you guys soon and let you know what I got completed. So until next time, get your ass in gear, get your work done and let's make it happen. If you have any questions please send them to casey@fitnessmarketingthatworks.com.
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