2 minutes | Sep 29th 2016

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 7

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 7 Hey guys this is Casey Miller with fitnessmarketingthatworks.com just checking in today. Today is day seven, so from my last time I talked with you,I didn’t get more work done on my 20 fitness Q&A podcasts, but I do have afew days left in the week and I know I will get those completed and posted. Instead I’ve been working on submitting my two podcast on differentwebsites online. I just submitted and got accepted into iTunes, hopefullyGoogle play will be next and handful of others. I will keep submitting my podcast to different sites andhopefully they generates more traffic and maybe some back links. I had some interviews for a couple websites that I wentahead and completed and I also got asked some questions that is supposedlysupposed to be going on buzzfeed.com, so hopefully those three will get posted andget some great back links and some traffic. So as of today and yesterday that is all I have got done butI still quite a bit. The work that I will put in tonight and the next couple days,I will be able to get to work on those podcast and until next time, write down yourgoal, get your ass in gear and get to it. If you only sleep 4 hours a day that’s fine, I know I willbe so, I will speak again to you later.
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