1 minutes | Sep 26th 2016

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 6

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 6 Hey guys this is Casey with fitness marketing that works.com. I'm actually just checking with you guys today is Monday tolet you know what I got done so for today. I went ahead and completed the 20 blog post, I put up thetitles and the pictures for each one. All in all it took about one hour to complete. So for the rest of for the rest of the week, I will try toget all 20 podcast done for those fitness Q&A's and try to get thoseuploaded to thebestoffitness.com and into the blog post. Once that is completed, I will work on putting those into avideo format and upload those up to Youtube, so hopefully all this won't takeme too long. I can imagine anywhere from 10 to 20 hours but we will see. Then hopefully the following week will be a little bitquicker and hopefully I'll still be able to complete about 20 blog post foreach week from here on out. So, until tomorrow, get your ass in gear and get your goalscompleted. Doesn't matter if you get to three hours sleep, just get itdone and go from there. Talk tomorrow.
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