3 minutes | Oct 5th 2016

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 11

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 11 This is Casey Miller with fitnessmarketingthatworks.com. So the past couple days I put up my two blog post for my fitness question and answers on thebestfitness.com. I also completed one interview which I will get a back links from and tomorrow I will complete the article for women's health and fitness magazine. The following day I plan on recording 20 more fitness question and answers and hopefully that will go alright. Yesterday, I was able to get the most visitors I have had in one day that I can recall and that was 170. I know that may not seem like a lot but if you have a website of your own, you will probably noticed you only get around 10 visitors a day. I think I've actually heard that 90 or 95% of websites only receive 200 visitors a day or less. So I guess I'm doing something right, but there's always room for improvement. My goal for December, is to be getting around 500 visitors a day on thebestfitness.com, which comes out to about 15,000 visitors a month. Hopefully I can get there, if not I'll just keep pushing through until I can. Other than that, there hasn’t been anything new and I will let you know how everything turned out. If you have any questions please email me at casey@fitnessmarketingthatworks.com.​
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