3 minutes | Oct 4th 2016

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 10

Online Personal Trainer Life: Day 10 This is Casey Miller with Fitnessmarketingthatworks.com. I am just checking in with you guys and I am currently on my way to work. So what I got done from the last time that I spoke with, I got four blog posts posted which included podcast and videos. I did notice that these blog posts take longer to post as I have to transcribe the audio, get everything you looking decent and then transfer everything over the video. As these post are taking more time, I will just post 2 a day and try to complete 50 fitness question and answers a month. I also got asked if I could write an article I believe is for Women's Fitness and Health of Australia, so I will complete that this week. Hopefully that will get published and if it does I will let you guys know. That is all I completed as of today and I will continue working on posting my fitness question and answer blog post to the bestoffitness.com. Hopefully I will talk to you tomorrow and if you have any goals that you need to get done that you been not working on lately, it’s time to get your ass in gear and get them done. If you have any questions, please email me at casey@fitnessmarketingthatworks.com.
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