7 minutes | Oct 24th 2016

Online Personal Trainer Interview with Casey Miller: Episode 1

Online Personal Trainer Interview with Casey Miller: Episode 1 Welcome to A Personal Trainer’s Journey to Success podcast, I am your host Casey Miller. I am excited to bring you episode number one. This is kind of my second run at this podcast as some of you may have noticed but don’t worry, I will still be talking about my progress as an online personal trainer. This podcast will mainly be me asking or interviewing personal trainers from all around the world a set of questions about them and their personal trainer careers. You will learn about what drove these professionals into the fitness industry and their ups and downs. Plus, I have a segment where they get 15 seconds to pitch any of their services or products. So, with that all said, I will start off episode number one by interviewing myself. I hope you enjoy and if you do please make sure to share this and subscribe so you don’t miss out on I hope what will be an awesome podcast. Let the Interview Begin! Name and background Casey Miller Exercise and Sport Science Degree from Iowa State Lives in Colorado Springs, CO Owner of: fitnessmarketingthatworks.com thebestoffitness.com onlinefitnessthatworks.com Why Did you get into the fitness industry? Growing up I was into wrestling and working out, so I just figured I would choose a career in the fitness industry. I started off as a personal trainer, then a personal trainer instructor and now trying to start an online fitness business. Do you have a Niche? I tend to work with "average people" to lose weight and reduce pain. I have been applying and teaching these for the past 5 years and enjoy it. As my kids gets older, I will start to train him for any sports that they participate in if they choose to. Have you tried online personal training? Yes, I have. I have an online personal training website called onlinefitnessthatworks.com. My program focuses on losing weight, reducing pain and increasing strength for the "average person". It's basically a
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