6 minutes | Nov 14th 2016

My goal for 2017: My Online Personal Trainer Life: Episode 2

This is Casey Miller and welcome to my personal trainer life episode two. So I would just like to start by saying I figured out what my goal is for 2017 and that is to learn how to speak. I say that is because I just wasted about 45 minutes of trying to answer questions for thebestfitness.com, and this website fitnessmarketingthatworks.com. So what I traditionally do is take questions from online or from people and I try to answer them the best that I can without writing anything down and I have learned that some days that works and other days it's pretty sh$ty. Like I said, I just wasted about 45 minutes trying to answer four questions and that leads me to my goal for 2017 is learning how to speak properly and I guess if we look at it, everyone needs to learn how to speak and communicate more effectively and if you would like to listen to me mess up and make a rant about how poorly I speak, listen to this podcast.
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