6 minutes | Nov 8th 2016

Can I make money being an online personal trainer?

This is Casey Miller with fitnessmarketingthatworks.com and here is your question of the day. Can I make money being an online personal trainer? Yes, yes you can make money being an online personal trainer, but it takes time and skill and what I mean by time is it could take you, 1-5 years to finally get noticed as an online personal trainer. The whole time factor really depends on you and how much money you have to spend on marketing. If you are looking at a traditional type of marketing plan, which would be more SEO related, then yes it is going to take you know 6 months to 5 years to get noticed by the large search engines and hopefully be placed number one for your keywords or on the first page of Google. Hopefully then you will have enough traffic brought to your website by those keywords and that will generate income for you. If you are starting out and have money to market your website, then your chances of making some money initially may be a little bit higher as long everything is set in place, which means you have a good website, good ads and you can convert those as into sales. Those are all things that are going to take place in order for you to get new customers. Now, you will also need to have some type of skill in order for these potential customers to purchase your program. If you are a very boring trainer and you have no personality it will be hard to get people to like you, even if you have the best program in the world. You must have something that is unique and want to make people listen and follow you. Try not to be boring but don't try and be someone you are not as people will notice. So, can you make money training online, yes you can but is not going to be as easy and as for that Facebook ad you saw was probably lying to you because most likely you are not going to be able to generate 400 leads in three days. Maybe one person did out of a thousand but it's not typical. I would just like to say thank you for listening to this question and if you have any other questions yourself, please send an email to casey@fitnessmarketingthatworks.com and I will
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