65 minutes | Mar 4th 2020

Habits That Make You a Better Leader

A habit is not something you do sometimes. Even something you do ‘most of the time’ doesn’t qualify. To be a true habit, the practice has to be a part of you. Something you do so regularly that it’s hard to give it up. And the quickest route to being a better leader is to establish habits that support the way you want to show up for your team. Today, we are sharing the five areas of habit development that have the greatest impact on leadership prowess. We discuss the communication habits you can use to inspire employees, explaining how storytelling and emotional language expand our ability to communicate effectively and guide a team. We introduce you to the power of planning to set boundaries around your time and energy and explore the tactical leadership habits that make for more meaningful and efficient meetings. Listen in to understand how being present with your people benefits both you and your team—and get our advice on how to cultivate new leadership habits that align with what matters to you! Themes explored in this week’s episode: The five areas of habit development that afford the greatest impact for leaders Leveraging storytelling and a coaching approach to communicate effectively How to inspire employees with vision casting and speaking greatness over your team The power of short- and long-term planning to set boundaries around your time and energy How emotional intelligence informs our ability to lead and what we can do to develop greater self-awareness The tactical leadership habits that make for more effective meetings How setting intentions around being present with your people benefits both you and your team The practice of updating your calendar retroactively to become a time management ninja What gets in our way as we work to develop new habits Our advice on how to cultivate a true habit Resources from this episode: Look behind the curtain at the Life & Leadership YouTube Channel Learn more about forming new habits on our podcast re: 90-Day Commitments Read about the art of storytelling in Pixar Storytelling and The Writer’s Journey Revisit our podcast episode on Being Present Explore James Clear’s approach to forming habits in his book Atomic Habits Check out Tegan’s blog posts on leadership habits, emotional intelligence and coaching skills We would love to hear from you! Have an idea for a podcast or a question you want us to address? Interested in additional support, resources and workshops? Here are all the ways you can interact with us! Tweet us! @tegantrovato and @TeamAwesomeMKE Email us: tegan@BrightArrowCoaching.com and Katie@TeamAwesomeCoaching.com Follow us on Facebook @BrightArrowCoaching and @TeamAwesomeCoaching Follow us on Instagram @TeganTrovato and @katie_rasoul Connect with us on LinkedIn: Tegan Trovato and Katie Rasoul Download free tools and sign up for our newsletters, events and workshops by visiting: https://www.brightarrowcoaching.com/ and https://www.teamawesomecoaching.com/
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