30 minutes | Jul 31st 2019

90-Day Commitments (Part 2)

How do you measure success in the pursuit of 90-day commitments? Is it more important to follow through on what you set out to do—even if doesn’t feel right? Or allow yourself the flexibility to pivot to a goal that feels good? What can you learn from the habits that don’t stick? Today on the podcast, we’re checking in to share the outcomes around our 90-day commitments. We discuss what we learned about the difference between writing for creativity versus output, explaining how our true intentions (to write without a deliverable in mind) revealed themselves through the process. We also explore the idea of chasing your core desired feelings and allowing goals to evolve to meet your needs. We go on to describe how our 90-day commitments around daily meditation shifted, offering a more expansive view of what meditation looks like and inspiring us to live in consciousness. Listen in for insight on learning from what you choose NOT to do and learn why it’s more important to be flexible within the framework than to force yourself to pursue goals that aren’t working. Themes explored in this week’s episode: What we learned about the difference between writing for creativity vs. output How our 90-day commitments around meditation evolved to look different from what we had expected Editing goals when they don’t deliver on your core desired feelings The value in being flexible and allowing what’s not working to reveal your true intention How Katie’s writing practice inspired the idea for a new book Tegan’s success in turning reading into a habit How our Facebook group fared in achieving their 90-day commitments + how setting expectations might have fostered more engagement Learning from what you choose NOT to do Honoring your commitments to yourself Resources from this episode: Learn more about lemon ricotta pancakes in Katie’s book Hidden Brilliance Explore the idea of core desired feelings through the work of Danielle LaPorte Listen to our podcast episode on Modern Community with Lola Wright We would love to hear from you! Have an idea for a podcast or a question you want us to address? Interested in additional support, resources and workshops? Here are all the ways you can interact with us! Tweet us! @tegantrovato and @TeamAwesomeMKE Email us: tegan@BrightArrowCoaching.com and Katie@TeamAwesomeCoaching.com Follow us on Facebook @BrightArrowCoaching and @TeamAwesomeCoaching Follow us on Instagram @TeganTrovato and @katie_rasoul Connect with us on LinkedIn: Tegan Trovato and Katie Rasoul Download free tools and sign up for our newsletters, events and workshops by visiting: https://www.brightarrowcoaching.com/ and https://www.teamawesomecoaching.com/
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