5 minutes | Oct 14th 2019

Federal Reserve "NOT" Launching QE4? - Continues To PRINT Billions Per Month!



On Friday Jerome Powell said that the Federal Reserve would “soon announce measures to add to the supply of reserves over time” but that “this is not QE.

” Quoting from fake outlet, The Washington post... "Powell did not specify the size of the new asset purchase program. But he said it would not be a rehashing of what the Fed opted for after the recession a decade ago. Still, the Fed has shown that it will adjust its programs based on how the economy performs"

“I want to emphasize that growth of our balance sheet for reserve management purposes should in no way be confused with the large-scale asset purchase programs that we deployed after the financial crisis".

Watch as Not Tim Picciott CFP(R) CRPC(R) breaks down the latest nonsense from the Federal Reserve.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Featuring: Tim Picciott

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