77 minutes | Jul 31st 2018

066-LevityZone: The Emerald and Azure Civilization at EarthFrequency 2015

Dr. Bruce returns from science fieldwork and Middle Earth adventures in New Zealand with a full report following this episode featuring his 2015 Earth Frequency festival talk on "The Emerald and Azure Civilization" held in the gum tree forests of southern Queensland, Australia. This free-flowing rap takes you from how our visionary viewpoint has been constricting as we replace a formerly emerald green world of nature with the harsh azure blue glare of technological civilization. He then offers how we might collectively push back against the forces of our darker nature with the calling forth of the evolving forces of light, emanating from the old world of Eleusis to the new tools of the Elixirs and Endo. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (recording), Kristof (editing), Tranzporter (cover photo) [released 31 July 2018]]
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