41 minutes | Feb 17th 2021

#160 From Hair Loss & Skin Rashes to Herbal Farmer with Jackie Johnson, CEO of Wildlings Botanicals

Joining us in this week's episode of the Less Stressed Life Podcast is Jackie Johnson, founder of Wilding Botanicals who shares her life-changing experience of suddenly losing her hair loss & developing severe, full-body skin rashes. Now, as a holistic herbal farmer, Jackie shares her passion for clean, nourishing, and replenishing body care products that work.Jackie shares her incredible story:How she went from working at a pharmacy to becoming a holistic herbal farmerHealing her body after experiencing sudden hair loss and skin rashesThe mindset breakthrough that changed her lifeHer favorite herbs and best-selling productsMentioned in this episode:https://www.wildlingbotanicals.com/https://www.joinclubhouse.com/Jackie Johnson is a Holistic Brand Strategist who founded Wildling Botanicals, Wildling Herbs, and Wildling Dreams Consulting. Through her businesses, she has created proprietary body care and herbal supplement products from homegrown, clean ingredients she farms herself. Jackie's credentials also include a 15-year career in business, helping grow retail, hospitality, and fitness companies before striking out on her own to create luxury wellness products she wasn't finding in the marketplace. She brings a much-needed perspective to the beauty world by joining nature and business together to empower people inside and out.Adrenal Assessment Quizwww.christabiegler.com/burnoutNeed a Detox? Take the DETOX Quiz:www.christabiegler.com/detox Personalized functional medicine with Christa Biegler:http://www.lessstressednutrition.comLess Stressed Life Podcast:http://www.lessstressedlife.comLess Stressed Life Facebook Page:https://www.fb.me/christabieglerrd/
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