43 minutes | Nov 28th 2020

Poetry about Love between Women from the 18th Century - The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast Episode 186

Poetry about Love between Women from the 18th CenturyThe Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 186 with Heather Rose JonesA tour through various poems of the 18th century that touch of different aspects of love between women.In this episode we talk about:Anne Finch “Friendship between Ephelia and Ardelia” (1713)Mary Chudleigh “To Lerinda” (1703)Elizabeth Thomas “To Clemena” (1722)John Hoadly “On the Friendship of Two Young Ladies” (1730)Anonymous “Cloe to Artimesa” (1720)Susanna Highmore Duncombe “To Aspasia” (1751)Pauline de Simiane “Madrigal” (1715, French)Pauline de Simiane “Letter to Madame la Marquise de S--, On Sending Her Tobacco” (1715, French)Mary Matilda Betham “A Valentine” (1797)Anna Seward “Elegy Written at the Sea-Side, and Addressed to Miss Honora Sneyd” ( c. 1780)Anna Seward “To Honora Sneyd” (1773)Faustina Bordoni (nominally) “An Epistle from Signora F—to a Lady” (1727)Anonymous “The Adulteress” (1773)William King “The Toast” (1732)Anonymous “The Sappho-an” (1735)Anonymous “Monsieur Thing’s Origin” (1722)Sarah Ponsonby “Song” (1789)Specific sources for the poems are given in the transcript. Books that have been particularly useful are:Castle, Terry (ed). 2003. The Literature of Lesbianism: A Historical Anthology from Ariosto to Stonewall. Columbia University Press, New York. ISBN 0-231-12510-0Faderman, Lillian (ed). 1994. Chloe Plus Olivia: An Anthology of Lesbian Literature from the Seventeenth Century to the Present. New York: VIking. ISBN 0-670-84368-4 (Not yet blogged for the LHMPDonoghue, Emma. 1997. Poems Between Women: Four centuries of love, romantic friendship, and desire. Columbia University Press, New York. ISBN 978-0-231-10925-3 (Not yet blogged for the LHMP)Loughlin, Marie H. 2014. Same-Sex Desire in Early Modern England, 1550-1735: An Anthology of Literary Texts and Contexts. Manchester: Manchester University Press. ISBN 978-0-7190-8208-5McCormick, Ian (ed). 1997. Secret Sexualities: A Sourcebook of 17th and 18th Century Writing. Routledge, London. ISBN 0-415-13954-6 (Not yet blogged for the LHMP)A transcript of this podcast may be available here. (Transcripts added when available.)Links to the Lesbian Historic Motif Project OnlineWebsite: http://alpennia.com/lhmpBlog: http://alpennia.com/blogRSS: http://alpennia.com/blog/feed/Twitter: @LesbianMotifDiscord: Contact Heather for an invitation to the Alpennia/LHMP Discord serverThe Lesbian Historic Motif Project PatreonLinks to Heather OnlineWebsite: http://alpennia.comEmail: Heather Rose JonesTwitter: @heatherosejonesFacebook: Heather Rose Jones (author page)
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