53 minutes | Sep 7th 2020

Law School Admissions Season Kickoff: How Two Students Got Into Top Schools

It’s September, the beginning of the law school admissions season. Branden & Jelena kick off this anxiety-filled time of year by inviting two current law students to share their application stories and advice to applicants. A UCLA 2L and Georgetown 1L, respectively, our guests had completely different admissions season experiences, and you can learn from both.

Listen to find out . . .

  1. What it’s like to spend months on Georgetown’s waitlist & start law school elsewhere before finally getting the acceptance call
  2. What’s more important than ranking when choosing a law school
  3. How two successful applicants each wrote their personal statements, using two completely different approaches
  4. What to do to update your resume & find new things to mention in letters of continuing interest, when COVID-19 won’t let you work in a law office
  5. Why one of the most common pieces of law school advice, “your interests will change after your 1L year,” really did hold true for our UCLA 2L guest
  6. How (strange but true!) the admissions process will put you where you’re supposed to be for the next three years . . . even if it’s a bumpy ride to get there

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