44 minutes | Apr 27th 2021

Know Your Rights: LSAT Accommodations Update!

This episode, Jelena and Branden discuss the process of getting test accommodations for the LSAT including, but not limited to, an emotional support peacock. Just kidding but Branden wishes. Tune in to hear your favorite hosts debunk myths and validate rumors you’ve heard about all the possible LSAT accommodations and modifications. Tune in to learn . . . What kinds of accommodations and modifications are available for students with disabilities? How do students get these accommodations? What proof do you need? Do accommodations raise students’ test scores such that they are not predictive of aptitude for law school? Do accommodations make the LSAT easier? Are accommodations just for the privileged? Will schools know if you had accommodations? Do you automatically get accommodations on the LSAT if you have accommodations on other standardized tests? Links and Further Resource from this Episode: LSAC Policy Accommodations: https://bit.ly/3eE5gFO LSAC More Policy Accommodations: https://bit.ly/32Q6CHZ LSAC Document Requirements: https://bit.ly/3vnEN69 LSAC Accommodated Test Taker Trends and Performance: https://bit.ly/3noV885 Predictive Validity of Accommodated LSAT Scores, Technical Report: https://bit.ly/3xBTnZZ 3 Steps to Take if Your LSAT Accommodations are Denied: https://bit.ly/3gOu9S9 Start Your LSATMax Free Trial: https://go.onelink.me/z1Zu/689fb4b4 Start Your 1L Free Trial Now (The Greatest Law School Supplement): https://go.onelink.me/iOM8/68e2c335 Start Your BarMax Free Trial Now: https://go.onelink.me/3011142272/d02ba2de
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