35 minutes | Apr 13th 2021

Kath Path’s LSATH

What do YouTubers know about the LSAT? Katherine Weissbluth, also known as the Kath Path: a YouTuber, college essay editor, LSATMax student/fan and vlogging extraordinaire joins Branden and Jelena to discuss all things LSAT and her vlogging journey. Katherine is currently a Sophomore at Stanford, running her essay editing start-up, and using her platform as a space to advise on a range of topics surrounding college and law school. What else? Katherine got a 172 on the LSAT this February. Listen to the full interview to hear how she did it. Listen and learn: How youtube/vlogging can create an accountability community How peer advising is beginning to take up space in the application process for under-resourced students How anticipating answers can elevate your score Katherine’s essay strategy Why sophomores might want to take the LSAT early What’s the deal with junior deferral programs and why they might be right for you? How Katherine ended up featured on Teen Vogue by “hacking college admission”! If there’s a silver-lining to online learning in 2020-2021 Thanks to Katherine Weissbluth for sharing her LSAT prep experience with The Legal Level! Links and Further Resource from this Episode: The Kath Path: Katherine’s YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/3uMhcvC Katherine’s Feature in Teen Vogue: https://bit.ly/3dSkaIg Princeton’s Information on Junior Deferral Program: https://bit.ly/3dVyGz3 Harvard’s Junior Deferral Program: https://bit.ly/2RqgCFr 33 Common LSAT Flaws, Available Now in Paperback & Kindle Formats: http://bit.ly/33CommonFlaws Start Your LSATMax Free Trial: https://go.onelink.me/z1Zu/689fb4b4 Start Your 1L Free Trial Now: https://go.onelink.me/iOM8/68e2c335 Start Your BarMax Free Trial Now: https://go.onelink.me/3011142272/d02ba2de
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