8 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

I-601 Fraud Waiver + Immigrant Visa Grant = A True Success Story

A U.S. Consulate granted Immigrant Visas to our client and his wife and children, following USCIS' approval of his Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Inadmissibility. He had a permanent bar under INA 212(a)(6)(C)(i), i.e. fraud or willful misrepresentation of material fact to previously enter the U.S. on a B1/B2 visitor visa. With our guidance, he received the I-601 waiver to allow the issuance of the Immigrant Visa. He finally joined his permanent resident parents and U.S. citizen brother in the United States, after they had lived in separate countries for 20+ years.This is a true success story at Dyan Williams Law. Dyan Williams, Esq. Founder & Principal AttorneyDyan Williams Law PLLCinfo@dyanwilliamslaw.comwww.dyanwilliamslaw.com
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