153 minutes | Oct 6th 2017

Episode #004 - Mike doesn't give a F***

We have an pretty sweet offering for you this week! As always we have endeavoured to get you some of the best heavy metal we can find, we've kept it heavy this week with a whole host of awesome bands. Along the way were talking about all things metal from old bands to new and horror movie crossovers...Welcome back to The Left Hand Cast! Track List: Speedwolf - Time To Annihilate: https://speedwolf-us.bandcamp.com BAT - Wings of Chains: https://bat-richmond.bandcamp.com Cianide - Desecration Storm: https://cianide.bandcamp.com EVIL ARMY - Realm of Death: https://evil-army.bandcamp.com Mo'ynoq - Celestial Rebirth: https://moynoq.bandcamp.com EXCUSE - Breaking News (We Told You So!): https://excuse-finland.bandcamp.com The Haunting Presence - Constantly Assaulted By Spirits: https://the-haunting-presence.bandcamp.com Black Death - Night of the Living Dead: https://black-death.bandcamp.com