89 minutes | Jul 7, 2015

Ep 5.6 – Torchlight Too

Welcome back for another episode of Leetsauced Podcast.  First off, let us apologize.  Logan’s computer was lit ablaze by the Hearthstone gods so the episode comes to an abrupt end.  Never the less, send your questions/comments/fan-fic to us at @LeetSauced or leave it in the comment section below. The Main Game This week we checked out Torchlight 2, available on the Humble Indie Bundle last month.  It’s supposed to be a good clone of Diablo II.  Let’s talk about that. Our Rating: Two Shrugs, One Fonz We also talked about Don’t Starve Together and the 2nd & 3rd wings of Blackrock solo adventure of Hearthstone. What’s In Your Cup Vik – Imperial Red Ale by Epic Brewing Logan – Rampant (IPA) by New Belgium Evan – Pina Colada What We’ve Been Playing Hi-Ya – WoW raids, Story of Seasons (new Harvest Moon) Loganowitz – Syndicate (2012), Ready Player One Viktory – Quest Keeper, Mortal Kombat X  
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