79 minutes | Apr 7, 2015

Ep 5.5 – Steampunk Matching Puzzle

Welcome back for another episode of Leetsauced Podcast.  As always, send your questions/comments/fan-fic to us at @LeetSauced or leave it in the comment section below. The Main Game This week we checked out Ironcast, available on Steam.  It’s advertised as “Puzzlequest meets FTL in this Steampunk Victorian era roguelite”.  Yes, that’s not a typo, they said “rougelite”. Our Rating: Two Shrugs, One Shrug-Thumb Fonzarelli from Hi-Ya. What’s In Your Cup Vik – H2O by Brita Logan – Mocha Porter by Rogue Brewery Evan – Thirsty, so thirsty. Also Gin. What We’ve Been Playing Hi-Ya – Fuck Door, WoW (tokens, yay!), Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Loganowitz – Portal 2, Dreaming Sarah Viktory – Mario Kart 8 (strictly Yoshi racing suit) ——————- Thanks for reading to the end of the notes. Have a free invite to Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta for your accomplishment: HKMR9M-2PFT-944WVP-NWZH-WWFGW4  
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