87 minutes | Mar 10, 2015

Ep 5.4 – Pokemon Shuffle

Welcome back for another episode of Leetsauced Podcast.  We’ve happy to have you back with us, and to keep going with our new format. As always, send your questions/comments/fan-fic to us at @LeetSauced or leave it in the comment section below. The Main Game Our Rating: Three Shrugs This week we all downloaded Pokemon Shuffle on Nintendo 3DS “eStore”.  It’s free, so check it out and have a slightly less embarrassing alternative to Candy Crush Saga. Pokémon Shuffle, similar to Pokémon Battle Trozei, is a puzzle game in which players fight against various Pokémon by matching three or more of the same Pokémon on their bottom of their screen. Read more on Bulbapedia (which must be the most official of all ‘pedias) What’s In Your Cup Vik – New Belgium Fat Tire (Amber Ale) Logan – New Belgium Accumulation (White IPA) Evan – Yoda Soda (cream soda w/ gin) What We’ve Been Playing Hi-Ya – NekoPara, WoW grinding & LFR Loganowitz – Bionic Heart Viktory – Zombination, Heroes Charge, Shadow of Mordor, Prison Architect ———- We briefly also discussed the WoW Token system, but Vik didn’t know where to categorize that, so we’re just stuffing it in here.
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