134 minutes | Nov 1, 2014

Ep 4.14 – Halloween & Blizzcon 2014 Prep

*http://i.imgur.com/Z6xFbqZ.jpg* This week we are gearing up for our annual trip to the Anaheim convention center to watch the StarCraft 2 Finals, and whatever else they plan to show us at Blizzcon. Things we discuss in this episode: Favorite Scary/Horror Games Road to Blizzcon – Leetsauced Travel Games (see the mini-sode published on 10/31) Blizzcon 2014 Goodybag Blizzcon 2014 Schedule (what to watch for) Blizzcon 2014 Predictions (Legacy of the Whaaaa) Blizzcon Do’s & Don’ts   What We’ve Been Playing: Hi-Ya: School Idol Festival, CIV Beyond Earth (they never learn), Prof Layton vs Phoenix Wright, Clicker Heroes Logan: Pokemon TCG, Paper Mario Sticker Star Vik: Hearthstone (Reincarnate Deck FTW), Mario Kart 8, LEGO Marvel WiiU, Mmmm Fingers Vik’s Reincarnate Shaman deck, as promised Blizzcon Predictions Vik – Rational: Warcraft 4 – Crazy: Vanilla WoW servers Hi-Ya – Rational: new “Next-Gen MMO” to replace Titan – Crazy: Titan not actually scraped Logan – Rational: Legacy of the Void – Crazy: Disney buying Blizzard
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