55 minutes | Jun 30th 2019

Internet Etiquette – Interview with Darrin Simpson

The Learn Live Love Yourself Podcast

Show Notes

Date: 1 July 2019

Episode: 007

Title: Internet Etiquette – Interview with Darrin Simpson

Final Show Link: https://learnliveloveyourself.com/episode/007/

Internet engagement is still a relatively new system of communication, especially when compared to other forms of communication, such as public speaking, writing letters, and even having a face to face conversation. The rules of internet engagement have been formed quickly and without much thought. The screen between us impedes the usual social restraint about what is and isn’t appropriate to say to someone. Because of this, we often feel justified in railing against others because of their dissenting opinions. This is harmful not only to society, but to the individual as well. While lashing out at someone on the internet may seem to bolster us in our opinions at first, over time, the interactions we have with others will come to define us. We want our legacy to show we were compassionate, understanding, and wise, but many of us are leaving a legacy that implies bigotry, crassness, and foolishness instead. It is time for us to be re-trained about how we interact over social media. On this episode, I interview Internet Etiquette Master, Darrin Simpson, and get his take on interacting with others on social media. 

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In Episode 7, we delve into:

  • Introducing Darrin (2:04)
  • Darrin’s back story (5:00)
  • We are not thinking of others, finding the balance (9:10)
  • More careful with online interactions (11:30)
  • Darrin’s 7 tips about filtering (13:40)
  • A dialectic defined- a premonition by Bill Clinton (18:30)
  • Colin Kaepernick issue (22:21)
  • Making space to engage, be PROactive, not REactive (24:58)
  • We can filter more online than in person (27:10)
  • “I’ve had some people take some pretty good shots…” (29:41)
  • Social media is not going away (33:12)
  • Where should we start (35:20)
  • What is the effect on real life? (37:49)
  • One thing Darrin wishes he could do better at (39:38)
  • “Civility” isn’t the end goal (43:02)
  • Darrin’s top recommendation for beginners (49:55)
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This week’s “POP” Challenge is:

Go find Darrin on theblogismightierthanthesword.blogspot.com. Interact with him! Comment on a post, add to the discussion there, follow his rules of internet engagement and then come back and leave a comment: tell me what you’ve learned from him!

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