41 minutes | Apr 25th 2016

Episode 037 – Darril Wilburn : How to Turn Humility and Courage into Lean Success

Today’s guest is Darril Wilburn. Darril is a partner with Honsha Associates, a group of Toyota Alumni that has built a strong reputation from helping companies transform through using the TPS/Lean Philosophy that they learned through their experiences at Toyota. Darril has been a frequent keynote speaker at multiple conferences around the globe and has worked with several well known companies including: M&M/Mars, Carl Zeiss, The United States Coast Guard, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and Kimberly Clark. Today Darril and I will discuss: * The power of learning how people learn * His experience in being a learner and being a coach at Toyota * His view of what respect for people really means * The role of proper communication to people not directly involved with transformation with change management. * The power of trusting the process and people in lean transformation * The pitfalls of focusing on tools and not understanding their purpose. * The need for focusing on humility in learning before teaching Darril will be a speaker at the upcoming Lean HR Summit in San Antonio May 12-13 where he will be speaking about Courage, Humility, & Kaizen: The Keys to Lean Development. Interview Links Darril’s Company: Honsha Associates Darril’s Book: Toyota by Toyota: Reflections from the Inside Leaders on the Techniques That Revolutionized the Industry Book Recommendation: Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way by Dr.Jeffery Liker and Mike Hoseus Connect with Darril on Twitter Connect with Darril on LinkedIn Send an Email to Darril about his appearance on The Lean Leadership Podcast Sponsor Links Get a Free Audiobook from Audible.com TWI/Lean HR Summit
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