19 minutes | Oct 15th 2015

Episode 027: Mark Rosenthal – Your Job is to Develop People

Hello Lean Leadership Nation!  Today’s guest is Mark Rosenthal.  For the last seven years, Mark has been the Principal at Novayama, LLC, a consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington. Mark is an experienced Lean Practitioner with experience working with companies like Boeing, Terex, and Eastman Kodak.  Mark also regularly blogs over at theleanthinker.com. Today Mark and I have a discussion about his lean experiences and he shares his advice for other lean practitioners based upon his over 20 year career. Favorite Lean Quote: 'The way you do anything is the way you do everything'Click To Tweet Setback in their Lean Journey: Mark talks about his learning moments and pushing too hard where people develop resistance to him as a teacher more than a resistance to the concepts he’s trying to teach. Lean “A-Ha!” Moment: Mark shares about how reading Stephen Spears PhD dissertation and Mike Rother’s Toyota Kata at two separate points in his career have helped him simplify and sharpen what he was trying to accomplish. Advice for the person starting out with Lean/Continuous Improvement: Mark talks about his belief that a leader’s job is to develop people. Advice for the journeyman professional in Lean/Continuous Improvement: 'If you develop the people well, the process will improve'Click To Tweet Book Recommendation: Turn the Ship Around! By David Marquet Interview Links: The Lean Thinker Blog Sponsors
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