64 minutes | Sep 27th 2015

Episode 024: Lean Leadership Unleashed with Glenn Uminger, Mike Wroblewski, and Sam MacPherson

Hello Lean Leadership Nation! Today’s episode is our next installment in a series of forums we have been holding on blab.im with Sam MacPherson, Executive Director of The Lean Leadership Academy. We’ve renamed the series Lean Unleashed: a hat tip for the name suggestion from renowned lean blogger, fellow podcaster, and hopefully future Lean Unleashed guest, Mark Graban, Today joining Sam and me, are two speakers at the upcoming Summit on Lean Leadership in Atlantic Beach, FL on October 5-6, Glenn Uminger and Mike Wroblewski. Glenn is a retired executive with 27 years of Toyota experience in a variety of management positions.  From 2012, Glenn was Toyota’s Executive in Residence, University of Kentucky, where he led the Lean Systems Program which supports companies working to improve their understanding and application of Lean. He has worked with Leadership of numerous organizations from various industries. He continues to serve as a key advisor to the program. Mike is a Director for the Kaizen Institute and a Shingo Award winning co-author of “Creating a Kaizen Culture” During his career, Mike has held various senior management and leadership positions.  Mike’s journey into Lean manufacturing began in the 1985 while working for the Hill-Rom Company. Under the watchful eye of Shigeo Shingo, Mike successfully improved a die changeover from 45 minutes to less then 5 minutes. Mike learned first hand from the master, Shigeo Shingo, the techniques of the SMED system along with the early teachings of eliminating waste from manufacturing operations. I really appreciate Sam, Glenn, & Mike for joining us for the forum. I found the dialogue extremely insightful and I learned a lot just by listening to these three professionals have a discussion around lean leadership, leadership in general, and lean management systems. I would like to apologize in advance to Mike.  There were a few moments in the audio transitions between Mike and I speaking that appear for me to speak over Mike.  That wasn’t the case and I couldn’t edit the audio transitions to correct it.  Mike, I’m extending you an open invi
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