69 minutes | Sep 17th 2015

Episode 023: Forum on Lean Leadership with Sam MacPherson, Jamie Flinchbaugh, Tracey Richardson, & Ernie Richardson

Hello Lean Leadership Nation! This week’s podcast episode is slightly different from other episodes.  Last week I hosted a forum for Lean Leaders on Blab.IM .  Blab is a conversation platform that is new to the internet. Sam MacPherson and I hosted Jamie Flinchbaugh, Tracey Richardson, & Ernie Richardson for a conversation about the current state of Lean Leadership and what challenges it currently faces. We had a spirited conversation and I thought it went well for our first attempt on using a new technology. We were even able to take a few questions from our audience. Despite a few technical setbacks with Sam’s audio early on, overall it went well and we are holding another blab tomorrow September 18 at 12:00 eastern.  If you are interested you can join in on the conversation by clicking here If you are interested in watching the live video of the blab you can check it out here Learn more about The Summit on Lean Leadership *Hint* Remember to use promo code “podcast” to receive a 10% discount. Get a free audiobook from audible.com Here is a great article to learn more about Blab.IM  
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